Manos del Sur Reserva

Sauvignon Blanc

This year, in the passionate route to find and approach the most representative terroirs for an expressive but friendly Sauvignon Blanc, we have explored and tried two different zones in the Chilean wine map; D.O. Casablanca Valley (the majority portion of the blend) and Leyda Valley. The first component adds the structure and fruity flavors, while Leyda Valley contributes with the acidity and mineral taste. The blend we have done and rescued from these two small
producers is our first attempt to bring a fresh Sauvignon Blanc from South America to satisfy customers who seek for exceptional wines with character and identity.

Philosophy and Winemaking
Our philosophy behind the winemaking is to keep the crafted profile of the wine, in order to save the character of each component, representing their zones and the variety as much as possible. The grapes are hand picked by local farmers and their families; the winemaking process is simple and minimal intervention. Finally the blending process of components is carefully made to find our main goal of keeping the freshness given by the Pacific Ocean. The wine is 100% fermented in stainless steel tanks and it has a special work
with its lees for 3 months after the alcoholic fermentation, gaining flavors and texture making its taste juicy but persistent. The cleaning process is slow and soft. Filtrations are low trying to keep the wine ́s style. All this allows us to create a fresh Sauvignon Blanc with great character, representative of its variety and its origin. Drink young and well chilled.

Technical Information

Total Acidity:
6.75 gr/l
25 mg/l
Volatile Acidity:
0.25 gr/l
Residual Sugar:
2.15 gr/l
sauvignon blanc wine