Small production of Pinot Noir from coastal mountains vineyards in the Casablanca Valley, 14 miles from the Pacific Ocean with direct exposure to the cool marine climate. Having spent years in California as a winemaker, it reminds me to the landscapes of Coastal Sonoma. The soils here are mainly granitic with high presence of Quartz under a layer of sand and red clay, tainting the quartz in a red/orange color…Red Quartz – Pinot Noir is a unique wine coming from this special location. It is not clear the effect of these Quartz on vines and grapes, but it is believed by many cultures that quartz crystals heal, cleanses, balances and strengthens the chakras, resulting in physical, mental and emotional well-being. If does have such effects in humans, we would like to think that can have something similar with vines and their grapes.

Our philosophy behind the winemaking is to keep the crafted profile of the wine, in order to save the character of each component, representing their origin and the variety as much as possible. The grapes are hand picked by local farmers and their families rather earlier in the season looking for a fresher style; the winemaking process is simple and with low intervention. Finally the blending process of components is carefully made to find our desired wine.
The wine is fermented in stainless steel tanks and after is aged with selected neutral French oak for almost 6 months. Low filtration is used trying to maintain its tannins and structure. The last stage is a 4-month bottle-aging period. All this process allows us to create a crafted Pinot Noir with great character, representative of the variety and its origin. The evolution of this wine in the bottle should generate complex and delicious red fruits flavors, like cherries and strawberry with the time. You can save this wine for the next 3-5 years.

Technical Information

Total Acidity:
5.42 gr/l
29 mg/l
Volatile Acidity:
0.58 gr/l
Residual Sugar:
2.39 gr/l