# Single Serve
# Ready to Drink
# Carry Anywhere
# Chill Faster than glass
# Reserve Quality Wine
# 100% Recyclable
# Ecofriendly


«Beer is made by men, wine by God» – Martin Luther


#WineMode On?
What’s the craziest thing you’ve done to quench your #WineMode?
Fine wine out of a plastic cup? Straight from the bottle?…
Done that too.
Well, sometimes the container and how we drink doesn’t matter.
It’s all about the moment, the people and having a great wine handy is all we ask for.
Wine o’clock?…Never miss #WineTime
With #WineMode you can enjoy your glass of premium wine anywhere you go.
The pleasure of uncorking a bottle of wine can be easily replaced by the hissing noise and clink when you open a can of #WineMode.

Get over it. Pack light and #WineMode On

pais wine can

D.O Casablanca

Elegant, Refined, Light Bodied but Well Shaped.

D.O Casablanca

Fresh, Delicious and Sexy.

D.O Casablanca 

Cool Climate Wine, Refreshing, Bright, Citric

D.O Itata 

Light Bodied, Fruity, Extremely Food Friendly

What is Your #WineMode


«Where there is no wine there is no love» – Euripides

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